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Everyday Jake x Eat This Music “Come Close (ft. Illdok)” Exclusive Premiere

Mourning over lost love has never been easy, but Perth-based Hip Hop artist Everyday Jake pens and sings it with suave and style with his newest single ‘Come Close’ (feat. Illdok), set for release on October 30th. The track is a follow-up to ‘Death’s Door’ (feat. Lowdax), which was released earlier in the month—both taken from his forthcoming project ‘Dead When I Said’, coming out on November 13th. 

“I’ve got my fam we may not all be related but we’ve got each other and this year has brought us closer and pushed us all so damn much,” Jake expresses to Eat This Music. “It’s been an adventure putting out 2 tapes and a bunch of videos to go along with.” In fact, at the moment, Jake is feeling more comfortable than ever! He adapts under pressure and creates diamonds.”

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