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Everyday Jake x Rappfox “Dead When I Said” Premiere Feature

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Music truly is one of the most beautiful forms of expression, it allows us to turn melancholic experiences into art. Perth-based Artist Everyday Jake has triumphed over such with his EP ‘Dead When I Said’ set for release on November 13th, which is the culmination of the two lead singles released namely, ‘Death’s Door’ (feat. Lowdax) and ‘Come Close’ (feat. Illdok). 

“The story of Everyday Jake is truly one of inspiration, with his youth spent as a “street kid” and with most of it floating from one youth centre to another. This promising Hip Hop and Rap artist has come a long way since then, having released​ ​five singles and an EP​ since 2019. His story is not far from one of his biggest influences, ​Eminem​, and he has also been inspired by other great rappers such as ​Jam BaxterMantra & Joyner Lucas​.”

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