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HV Music x Fresh Hip Hop Rnb “Take Off” Feature

Music is not a solitary pursuit. For it to be more meaningful, it has to be hinged on something else, or someone elseother than one’s self. From childhood friends to young adults making music together, the tightness of Perth-based Hip Hop group “Highly Invested”, more commonly known as HV Music, exemplifies how music is best experienced when shared. They are about to take the notch higher when it comes to being superb, with their newest single ‘Takeoff’, now out on all streaming platforms!

“This groovy melodic track, with fluctuating tempo and spacey beats, gives listeners an illusion of standing on steady soil as the verses roll out—and then being overtaken by a breeze that takes them on their feet as the chorus comes. With writing, producing, recording, mixing, and mastering by HV Music themselves, the single is truly made for long car rides, beach parties, and last song syndromes. It’s the summer song we never knew we needed at the end of the year.”

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