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HV Music X Xray Magazine Interview Feature

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Music is not a solitary pursuit. For it to be more meaningful, it has to be hinged on something else, or someone else—other than one’s self. From childhood friends to young adults making music together, the tightness of Perth-based Hip Hop group “Highly Invested”, more commonly known as HV Music, exemplifies how music is best experienced when shared. They are about to take the notch higher when it comes to being superb, with their newest single ‘Takeoff’, set for release on October 23rd.

“Their single, ‘Gucci, which was released earlier this month, sets the tone of the EP. This audio collage of Hip Hop, Trap, Alternative R&B, and Rap is a fusion of genres and sounds. The variety of the tracks are stitched together by a sonic vision that merges hyped productions and classic noises that don’t drown out each rapper’s ability to eloquently but speedily mumble their musings and emotions. For this project, the rappers wrote down their own lyrics, interjecting their own individual styles. .

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