In Lucid Dreams x Black of Hearts

There are vivid memories from the past, even though already shelved, that will always come back around. These are the memories that, after a few years have passed, continue to impact you. Just like these, there are songs hidden in journals, table napkins, scratch papers, and old notebooks that, when found, still connect to your soul like it’s the first time reading it. 

And there are songs kept in the heart – which later on you revisit – that still strikes and gives more meaning to how it was originally written before. For new-in-the-scene Perth-based band In Lucid Dreams, the debut of their single Rise set to release on October 8th, encapsulates and bridges an old-school memory locked in the chest to the current frustrations in the global crisis.

“The original incarnation of the song was written years ago while I was living in Melbourne. A couple of people close to me were both going through pretty tough times so they were my muse for the song and lyrics back then.” – In Lucid Dreams

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