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Jack Errington x 27 Magazine “Turning My Phone Off” Feature

For such a young artist who is relatively new in the industry, rising Sydney pop star Jack Errington’s promise and prolificness definitely show maturity and commitment to the craft. After releasing two singles in the past two months, he continues to strike whilst the iron is hot with his newest single ‘Turning My Phone Off’, now available on all streaming platforms.

With his vocal range and emotional versatility, Jack is proving to be an Aussie Pop Prince in his own right. From the kid who was too shy to try out the “Kangaroo character” for his school’s “Dr. Seuss Hears a Who” musical, he burst onto the music scene while being on hit television talent show X-Factor’s 2017 edition. In 2019, his singles ‘Pull Me Closer’ and ‘Losing Control’ debuted and charted at #40 on the iTunes Pop Chart and #52 on Top 200 Worldwide, respectively.”

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