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New Wave Infinity x 4ZZZ: Choon Choon Train “Off White” Radio Spin

Nothing screams collaboration and unity better than Melbourne-based collective New Wave Infinity, as it rides its biggest wave to date, with a 20-track new album entitled ‘All Corners’, set for release on October 16th. This hyper-local projectwhich is a brainchild of over 60 Melbourne-based creative mindswill also be releasing a Documentary on October 11th, showcasing how the album was put together from a week-long music session, over four separate studio spaces, with little to no budget. 

“With more stops than the Cleveland line, Choon Choon Train travels down a delicately laid track of interconnected songs, jumping genres and styles to deliver you the best choons out. Catch a ride with conductors Slippery Rich and Doss as the Choon Choon Train leaves the station every Sunday morning from 2:00am on 4zzz”

Click here to stream it live

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