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New Wave Infinity x Ben Madden “All Corners” Interview

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Nothing screams collaboration and unity better than Melbourne-based collective New Wave Infinity, as it rides its biggest wave to date, with a 20-track new album entitled ‘All Corners’, out now on all streaming platforms. This hyper-local projectwhich is a brainchild of over 60 Melbourne-based creative mindswill also be releasing a Documentary on October 11th, showcasing how the album was put together from a week-long music session, over four separate studio spaces, with little to no budget.

All Corners might just be the most ambitious project to come out of Melbourne’s music scene. What was your initial reaction when you first heard the concept of what New Wave Infinity was going to be?

Aaron: New Wave Infinity has undergone many different iterations. We have had over twenty five people in the group in total, although through various forms of attrition we are down to a solid, tight knit ten members. The group was formed over what I can only assume was inebriated conversation between Tate Smirnakos and Nick Rae at a local house party, and the rest is history. When I was informed of the idea, it sounded like something beautiful born out of a love for collaboration. Plus all of my closest friends were involved so I was sort of along for the ride either way. Right place, right time. “

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