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Stefanie Passione X AMNplify “How I Feel” Premiere Feature

One look, one listen—that’s all it takes to arrive at the conclusion that this rising Perth-based angel is a Pop Princess in her own right. After releasing four Pop Dance singles since 2018, Australia’s promising sweetheart Stefanie Passione takes the tempo slow and smooth this time, with her newest Pop Ballad single ‘How I Feel’, set for release on October 28th.

Inspired by the many times Stefanie tried to reach out to someone after finally realizing exactly how she feels, this soothing, feel good love song was written by Stefanie herself while in Japan earlier this year. With production and sound engineering by Sam Ford, the song rolls like a trickling wave of  Dream Pop, with a tinge of Contemporary R&B—sweeping off our feet with a catchy, melodic beat that makes us feel nostalgic of late-night memories we never knew we had.

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