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Steven Adams x Eat This Music ‘Boys Like Me’ Playlist Rotation

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Imagine yourself being cocooned in a warm blanket as the undulating sea waves tickle your ears, while the sand and saltwater trickle through your feet in a tempo and rhythm that synchronizes with your heartbeat.This is the cinematic equivalent of Melbourne-based Lo-fi Hip Hop Artist Steve Adams’ newest single ‘Boys Like Me’, which is now available on all streaming platforms!

“Eat This Music is a music website and radio program devoted to sharing music that I [Steve] enjoys. It is literally that simple. Eat This Music is not the be-all and end-all and doesn’t proclaim to be the best outlet for discovering “cool” new music. Music is subjective after all. Although, I do believe the artists I share on Eat This Music deserve every single word I write and airspace I give them.”

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