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Catchy, Melodic, and Honest, Perth based Hip-Hop Artist Tobias is welcoming the new year with his latest song “I’m Just Trying”. Coming off his last release “Killemall” featuring Yung Buddah, which is distributed under Day One Records. Tobias’ newest single will be debuting on all streaming platforms February 21st  followed by a music video which is currently in the works. 

“I’m Just Trying” produced by Lawsxn, shares a positive message despite having a melancholic beat and lyrics. Tobias details the struggle of trying to survive and not giving up despite the stressful entailments of being an artist. Additionally, this song is a positive reminder to those with a passion, being the favourite song of his brother, Tyroe Muhafidin, who has a career in acting and who just landed a role in the new Amazon series for `Lord of the Rings’.

“Sometimes we’re just trying to survive to get through to the next breath, not giving up but not trying to thrive either because sometimes we just need to wait for that next breath.” – Tobias

The influences of Tobias can be seen clearly throughout the song, as he has stated the King of Pop himself, Michael Jackson has had a great impact on his artistic career. “I’m Just Trying” is a different style as compared to his last track “Killemall”. Tobias sings these punk-influenced lyrics that can be seen as an acclamation to one of his other influences, the late rapper and artist JuiceWRLD.

Coming off 6 singles, 2 music videos, and regular live shows, Tobias is already steadily gaining traction with songs such as: “Jess.”, “Mama”, and “Green Eyes”. Lately, he has been able to perform his biggest show yet, with a slot on the Collision Festival along with names such as Spacey Jane, Amo Faraji,  and Super Ego. 

With Tobias kicking off 2020 in full swing, we expect to hear more tracks that he is currently working on. Tobias has also hinted at a “Tobias Tour” as something he is working on and we should definitely look out for.

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