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Melbourne-based producer/artist, Younique is ready to turn heads with his debut single ‘SPICE’, out now on all streaming platforms via Alumni Records. The debut single will serve as a milestone for the artist and will feature close collaborators Melissa Kate & Jalmar.

With an alluring vibe and swing, ‘Spice’ will catch a new audience of music lovers wanting to enhance the feeling of summer as we head into the warmer months. Aside from solidifying his natural talents as a producer, Younique has the ambition to raise awareness on the importance of producing content that encourages positivity to its listeners. 

“So I guess I’d just like the industry to be more conscious of what content they are putting out into the public and perhaps start glorifying more equality and positivity.”- Younique

Though he started creating music thanks to inspirations such as John Mayer, Younique feels he has honed in and established his own sound that will set him apart from his peers. Younique has worked with a range of diverse artists out of his own studio in Melbourne as well as having the chance to sit behind the boards at BMG (Sony) earlier in his career. He’s also played a huge part in helping artists that he’s produced for land plays on Triple J & Fox FM in the past.

Younique plans to end this year well making a scheduled appearance supporting Lakshane at Lux last November 29 and at Garden of Beats – Summer Party on December 22. Showing no signs of slowing down, Younique is now heavily in the studio preparing for a string of singles for release in 2020 and even plans to bring some visuals to the table. You can keep up to date with Younique’s future releases as well as touring dates via his socials below!

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